On this page, you can find and download full site editing themes. All the themes on this list require the Gutenberg plugin to be installed and active.

If you have created a theme that you would like me to test and feature, let me know.


Armando is a basic blog or sports theme in white and dark blue and silver details. This is a starter block theme with several different block patterns and styles to choose from.
With this theme, I wanted to explore adding sidebars as templates.

Tove -By Anders Norén

TT1 Blocks -By WordPress contributors

The renamed full site editing version of the default theme Twenty Twenty-One. This theme is also used to test the Gutenberg plugin.

Aino -By Elma Studio

Q -By Ari Stathopoulos

Q is made by WordPress Core and Editor contributor Ari Stathopoulos (@Yoast). Ari is also a team representative for the themes team. Q was the first full site editing theme to be added to the theme directory.

Hansen -by UXL

Pria -By UXL

Blockbase -By Automattic

Blockbase child themes:

Block-Based Bosco -By Fränk Klein

Block-Based Bosco is a full site editing version of Bosco, that was first released in 2014. It is a text heavy theme with beautiful typography.

Fränk has written about the creation of the theme and what he learned in this great article.

You can download the full site editing theme from

Naledi -By Anariel Design

Clove -By Anariel Design

Rick -By WPEntire

Nominal Block -By Theme 404

Emptytheme -By Kjell Reigstad

Emptytheme is what the name says; a minimum viable empty full site editing theme that you can start with when you want to learn about full site editing themes. This theme is so empty that it has no screenshot.